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Why Choose a #Wausau, Wisconsin Advertising #Agency?

Tue, January 15, 2013

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design

Located in central Wisconsin, CREATIVE’s home city of Wausau is known for many things. Despite hosting a number of marketing firms, advertising is not often considered one of them.  However, there are a few key reasons you should consider selecting a Wausau, Wisconsin advertising agency if you are in the market for advertising or marketing services:

  1. Design Talent: While many might think that “big city” agency talent is better, that is quite simply not the case. In fact, Wausau designers are often people that have “graduated” from the big city agency life and are ready for a change of pace. Our own talented Creative Director hales from several Minneapolis agencies. I, myself, am a Milwaukee agency alum that moved north to settle with my family. Talent in Central Wisconsin is plentiful.  If you’re looking for creative genius, you really can find it right here in Wausau.
  2. Midwestern Values: People from the heartland are known for their solid work ethic, moral compass, and loyalty. Here in Central Wisconsin we have our roots in these solid Midwestern

    values. In many cases our clients are our friends and our friends are our family. We are neighbors, we are community, and we treat all of our clients with respect and gratitude (and not just the clients from nearby).


  4. Getting more for your money: The economy is slowly turning around. However, we are all still doing everything we can to stretch our dollars. What better way to do that than to look for a better value from your advertising and marketing partners? Being located in a “small” Wisconsin town means our overhead is lower, so we can offer better value to our clients. Coupled with creative genius and Midwestern values, how could you go wrong?

If you are looking for a marketing or advertising agency partner, remember that Central Wisconsin agencies can offer all that the big city agencies can - and with a more personal touch. I might be slightly biased, but I do consider ours the best. So if you are in the market, I do hope you look us up.

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