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The Three Most Common Marketing Mistakes: Part 3

Mon, December 17, 2012

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design

In Part 1 of the common marketing mistakes series, I explored fully defining the target audience. Part 2 addressed social media. In this third part of the series I will look at the relationship between sales and marketing teams.

Common Marketing Mistake #3: Failure to Bridge Communication Between the

Sales and Marketing Teams.

Sales vs. Marketing is one of the longest running rivalries in the business

world. Both sides are charged with generating leads and increasing sales. However, lack of communication between these two groups can prove detrimental to any company. Each exists to support the other, yet these two groups often seem to be at odds.

As a proponent for peace between these two very unique groups of individuals

(sales and marketing teams typically have very different personality traits) I would recommend consistent communication and collaboration. Yes, I said collaboration.

There is nothing more embarrassing for a sales representative than to be

unaware of an in-market promotion. There is nothing more frustrating for a marketing team than to not be aware of what prospects and customers are saying about the products they are trying to promote.

As such, Sales should be able to provide input into product offers and

promotions, and Marketing should be aware of what customers are saying in order to help enhance messaging. Full collaboration between both of these groups will help to create effective marketing plans and ensure customers are enticed by the offers being made.

Main Point: Taking the time to strengthen marketing and sales team

relationships - and ensuring all materials and plans are being fully communicated - will strengthen marketing strategies. Strengthened marketing strategies will lead to an enhanced sales pipeline and ultimately, sales growth. 

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