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The Three Most Common Marketing Mistakes: Part 2

Mon, December 10, 2012

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design

In the first of three blog posts on common marketing mistakes I have encountered within the marketing realm, I explored fully defining the target audience. In this segment I will take a look at social media.

Common Marketing Mistake #2: Not Addressing Social Media in the Planning Process.

Many companies utilize social media, yet lack a truly strategic plan

surrounding its use. Typically, I have found social media to be addressed in a vacuum, more time being spent on contriving the daily posts, while little to no thought given to how using social channels can help enhance an overarching marketing campaign. Social, for many, remains an after-thought - and something that few companies will dedicate full resources toward.

The fact is that social media can be an extremely powerful tool. Facebook

recently reached 1 billion users. Let me repeat that: 1 BILLION users! No other channel exists that can give you the reach of Facebook if used correctly. Although the “chair ad” might have missed the mark, and the IPO isn’t exactly what Zuckerberg hoped for, the fact is that Facebook is here to stay. This ultimately means that it, as a channel, needs to be addressed at a more strategic level - at the beginning of the marketing planning process.

Main Point: Make sure you are considering all social channels during

your marketing planning process - do not let social be an afterthought! Doing so will help ensure a more strategic, integrated, and effective marketing campaign.

Stay tuned for Part 3 which will examine

the relationship between Sales and Marketing.

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