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The Stumpf Fiddle that is Marketing

Wed, August 14, 2013

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design

I have recently been re-introduced to the Stumpf Fiddle. For any of you that might not know exactly what a Stumpf Fiddle is, it is, in essence, a homemade folk instrument that can be found in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These instruments, are, in essence, percussion rhythm sticks.

Stumpf fiddles can be made up of a number of different things. Basically, one starts with a piece of lumber (like a broom handle), fastens a spring to the bottom of the wood, and then adds a number of household oddities that help make percussion-type sounds. Once assembled, you can take your instrument and thrust it to the ground while simultaneously playing the additional noise-making items with a drum stick or dowel to make music (if you would like to see a stumpf fiddle in action, click here).

Marketing, much like the stumpf fiddle, is typically made up of a bunch of random pieces that all need to work together. If the marketing is done correctly, these random pieces are no longer random – they become a collection of items that showcase the brand. Whether online ads, collateral pieces or point-of-sale packaging, each and every item produced serves a purpose and fits within the collection of items that is the overarching brand identity.

However, also like the stumpf fiddle, these pieces are still just a collection of pieces if you do not know how to use them. Educating your sales team is mandatory in order to ensure results.

Trust me, I’ve tried to play the stumpf fiddle, and in my hands it is only a stick, pie tin and wood block. When handed to someone that knows how to use it, beautiful music can be made.

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