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Neglecting Your Website Could be Killing Your Business

Tue, September 17, 2013

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design With advancements in CMS systems, updating your website information on a regular basis should be easy. Right?

Wrong. Website updates, however small they might be, are typically the last items on the never-ending task-list that resides on your plate. It becomes an annoyance. And something, that although small, is always a “tomorrow” job, with other projects - that have hard and fast deadlines – too often taking priority. Updating your website on a regular basis often leads to increased indexing on search sites, and leaving your website stagnant for too long could be negatively impacting your website traffic, losing your company leads - and revenue.

So how exactly do you make sure this item on your task to-do list gets to-done? Here are a few tips for helping to keep your website content fresh and up to date:

Ensure Roles and Responsibilities:Website updates do not need to be a task that only one person can manage. Make sure there is a back-up, and, in the case you are too overwhelmed with other projects and tasks, ask that person for help.

Make a Website Update Calendar: Ensure that website updates are incorporated into marketing campaign plans and scheduled accordingly. A little planning up front can help to ensure not only that the updates are made, but that all marketing efforts are coordinated across all media.

Schedule the Time: Put a 15 to 30 minute block on your calendar to review your website and/or make updates every week.  Having the time set aside can help to ensure that you have time to focus specifically on your website. This will not only help you to make sure that you’re making regular updates, but can ensure you are catching any bugs or glitches that might occur on the site.

Websites should be viewed as living, breathing, lead-generating vehicles. The more time you spend in keeping it updated and fresh, the more revenue it will generate for your company.

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