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“Mommy, Fix It!” (The Mommy Marketer)

Mon, September 09, 2013

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design “Mommy, fix it!” said my two-year-old, his big brown eyes looking up at me. In his hands he held what remained of the balloon he was playing with on the floor in our living room. He had decided that the balloon would be fun to sit on, not realizing the impact his force would have on the already thinly-stretched latex.

In Tyler’s eyes, I’m the fixer-upper. In his eyes there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to take the broken pieces of latex and turn them back into a whole balloon. After all, I am “the fixer”.

I have to say, being “the fixer” has served me well - not only as a mom, but as a marketer.

People typically come to a marketing agency when they need help. They are typically looking for someone to view their current situation and strategically “fix” their marketing conundrums.

In order to do this we need to understand business objectives, distribution methods, and customer service levels. We look inside organizations in order to fully understand the culture, how they operate, and what is impacting their communication streams. It is our dedication and commitment to our clients to use all of the information we obtain to discover a unique brand essence, and use that essence to efficiently - and effectively – create a message that will not only reach the intended audience, but will resonate - and encourage them to take action.

Quite simply, we dissect the marketing pieces and “fix” them, turning the pieces into a whole marketing strategy.

As for Tyler and the popped balloon, I removed the latex from his little hands and replaced it with a puzzle. Sometimes “fixing” can mean implementing an entirely new strategy.

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