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Meet Shad Opper: Creative Director & Chief Problem Solver

Wed, March 15, 2017

Shad Opper is an inventor of sorts. Every day he puts his imagination to work discovering new ideas and concepts that solve problems. As CCD’s creative director, he’s inspired fresh campaigns to reinforce brand imaging and navigated launches of standout merchandising programs. It’s his job to answer the call of the client with the talents of the team and purchasing power of the end user.

After nearly two decades in the agency’s creative department, he knows that consumers draw conclusions pretty quickly based upon design. A cluttered, disorganized website sends viewers searching elsewhere. But a great design keeps them engaged. And that’s where he aims to keep them. It’s one of his many talents.

Shad has an eye for how things should look, and in his calm, collected manner, offers clear direction to the creative team so they too grasp the client’s big picture. It’s more than picking out the right color, font or graphic image. For Shad, creative work is melding a myriad of elements into a single form—a message—that connects with users making them FEEL something. Hence, positive emotional reactions lead to transactions.

A good creative director never stifles creative juices, but Shad’s always prepared to steer the ship in a different direction that’s on course with the destination. In 18 years at CCD, and previously designing innovative packaging for Pillsbury in Minneapolis, Shad honed tenacious skills of discernment.

Whether it’s brand development or rebranding, he hits the mark every time.

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