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Energize Your Internal Marketing

Fri, January 25, 2013

by David Coulthurst, Creative Strategist and Copywriter, Creative Communication & Design

What do your employees say when someone asks them about your company? Do they know your business well? Are they brand advocates? These important questions are addressed by internal marketing.

Often overlooked, internal marketing is a continual process that shapes employee involvement, understanding, pride, and behavior. It’s more than getting everyone on the same page and heading in the same direction. It’s about helping your employees live your brand and empowering them to be brand ambassadors.

Here are three quick ways to get started with internal marketing:

  1. Give your employees the information they need to confidently talk about your brand by providing an “elevator speech.” The goal is not for them to memorize it, but to internalize it so they can talk knowledgeably about your brand.
  2. Keep your employees informed. Distribute copies of ads, sell sheets, brochures, and other materials as they are released to the public.
  3. Promote social network marketing. Provide ways employees can affiliate with your company online. Encourage them to list your company name and website on their own social networking sites and become a fan of your organization on Facebook.

If your internal marketing effort isn’t up to speed, give us a call. CREATIVE can help.

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