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Daddies and Oreos (The Life of a Working Mom)

Tue, November 27, 2012

by DeAnna DeCaluwe, Account Executive, Creative Communication and Design

To this day it still makes me chuckle. Upon returning home from a long business trip, I picked up my two wonderful children from daycare, happy to be greeted by shouts of “MOMMY!”, big hugs, and smiling faces. I grabbed their daily take-home projects, loaded the kids into the SUV, and started on our 15-minute trek home.

After this particular trip I was anxious to talk to my oldest son, Danny, who was then four years old, about the field trip he’d had at school that day. After asking “How was it!?” in my overly-excited voice, I was rewarded with the ever-so-typical Danny-monotone answer: “Good.” After trying to press him for more information (Who did you sit by? What did you see there?) to which I received little to no response, he asked me a question. He said “mom, can I have the rest of my Oreos in my lunchbox?”

This question surprised me. My oldest son has a bit of a sweet tooth. Wait…that is actually a vast understatement. We have a difficult time getting him to eat anything that is not immersed in sugar or considered a “snack.” And his favorite snack? Oreos. My point here is that Danny LOVES Oreos. So of course, in response to the question at hand, my baffled response was a meager “You didn’t eat them all at lunch today?” I sat, completely bewildered, waiting for his response and, quite honestly, wondering if he was sick. What in the world would cause him not to eat all the Oreos with his lunch? Finally, I received his response: “No, not all of them.”

At this point my mind was still stuck on sickness, trying to determine in my head what the possible diagnosis would be. Was there a stomach bug going around? Did he have another ear infection? Was it food poisoning!? Finally, it dawned on me. The proverbial light bulb went on. Mom was gone and Daddy packed his lunch. I started to put the pieces together in this puzzling situation. “Danny, how many Oreos did Daddy pack in your lunch?”


Now, I don’t proclaim to be any type of health nut. I often struggle with nutrition and a balanced diet – for myself as well as for my boys. But seven Oreos for a four-year-old? 

I did let Danny eat the rest of the Oreos on the way home that day. When we finally arrived home, Daddy was there waiting with a big hug for the recently returned traveler as well as for our little men. After I received my hug I looked at my husband and said two words: “SEVEN OREOS!?” My husband smiled at me and said proudly “I told him he had to eat his sandwich first.” 

Needless to say there is now a three-Oreo maximum rule implemented in our household for cold lunch days. And as for me, I still think of this story every time I need a good chuckle, or a small reminder that I am, indeed, still needed.

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