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Allow me a moment to glow

Thu, July 27, 2017

by Cindy Baumann

To brag or not to brag? That is the question.

I raised my kids to avoid bragging while I’ve spent my entire career telling adults to do more of it. Some business owners find it challenging to talk about their influence over the marketplace. Ironically, I know exactly how they feel.

But, one subject that doesn’t hold me back involves my employees. I could go on all day about how talented and dedicated they are. Whether or not I tell them enough—and probably not—I fully realize the value that each one brings to this agency. All the creative concepts, strategic marketing plans, teamwork, self-motivation, positive attitudes, strong work ethics…see, I could go on.

So, I thought the 10th anniversary of two of my associates was a good time to shine a spotlight on their accomplishments and why they make CC&D a standout agency. After all, it’s not bragging when you’re telling the truth, right?

Monica Pierce

Everyone needs a Monica in the office. Someone who never says, “It’s not my job.”

As our accountant, she’s incredibly efficient and always willing to help out in other areas. She understands the nuances of an ad agency, which is amazing when you consider the fast pace and number of projects that can be flying through the air at any given time. We may be a small business but our workload is mighty. So is Monica.

She crunches numbers and always assists in a time crunch. Hands down, she’s a team player in every sense of the term. For a decade, Monica has been central to our exceptional customer service and works closely with our agency account executives like Steph.

Stephanie Bresnahan

Speaking of customer service, Stephanie delivers it like no other. She truly cares about increasing profits for her clients through results driven marketing campaigns. To her, it’s all about creating solutions that sizzle.

And, might I add that this creative knows how to have fun. As the biggest Badger fan in our office, she never misses an opportunity to talk football with a client before brainstorming genius ideas or charting their next ROI. Like a seasoned quarterback ready to execute the offensive play, Steph concentrates on marketing strategies that put her clients in the end zone.

She’s carried that approach to our Madison office where we’ve opened a second location in 2015 while celebrating 25 years in business. Steph is thrilled to spend time in her old stomping ground since graduating from the University of Wisconsin.

10 years and counting

After working with someone for 10 years, they almost become part of your family. Monica and Steph hold a special place in my home away from home. They fill our full-service advertising agency with a kind of loyalty and creative energy not readily found in the industry today.

I look forward to a future as bright as they are.

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